Department of Biology Seminar Series

Spring 2017

Unless otherwise noted below, seminars are held on Fridays at 2 p.m. in Room 303 Shoemaker Hall.

Seminar Info
 Jan. 27  No Seminar
 Feb. 3 Dr. Jeff Morris, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama-Birmingham, Department of Biology, “The Invisible Hand of the Black Queen: Externalities in Evolution, Ecology, and Economics” (Hosted by: Dr. Ryan Garrick)
Feb. 10 Dr. Wendy Hood, Assistant Professor, Auburn University, Department of Biological Sciences, “Mitochondrial Function and Life History Variation” (Hosted by: Dr. Ryan Garrick)
 Feb. 17 Dr. Wolfgang Viechtbauer, Associate Professor, Maastricht University, Netherlands, Department of Psychiatry and Neuropsychology, “From Pearson to phylogenetic meta-analysis: An overview of 110 years of developments in research synthesis methodology”, (Hosted by: Dr. Jason Hoeksema and Department of Mathematics)
 Feb. 24  N/A
 Mar. 3  N/A
 Mar. 10, 3pm
Tim Colston, Ph.D. student dissertation defense, “The Reptile Gut Microbiome: Its Role in Host Evolution and Community Assembly” (Dr. Brice Noonan)
 Mar. 17  Spring Break
Mar. 22,                   Wednesday, 2pm
Thomas Martin, M.S. student thesis defense, “TBA” (Dr. Richard Buchholz)
 Mar. 24  Dr. Colin Jackson, Associate Professor, University of Mississippi, Department of Biology, “TBA”
Mar. 29,                   Wednesday, 2:15pm
Caleb Aldridge, M.S. student thesis defense, “TBA”, (Dr. Stephen Threlkeld)
 Mar. 31  N/A
 Apr. 7 Dr. Ryan Garrick, Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi, Department of Biology, “Evolutionary processes that generate and maintain, or compromise, biodiversity”
Apr. 13,                            Thursday, 3pm
Matt Abbott, Ph.D. student dissertation defense, “TBA” (Dr. Stephen Brewer) *Room 225 Shoemaker
 Apr. 14 University Closed
 Apr. 21 Dr. Patrick Curtis, Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi, Department of Biology, “How Model is Model? Exploring Functionality Through Cross-Organism Comparison”
Apr. 24,                     Monday, 2pm
Marcella Santos, Ph.D. student dissertation prospectus, “TBA” (Dr. Brice Noonan)
Apr. 26,                        Wednesday, 3pm
John Banusiewicz, M.S. student thesis defense,  “TBA” (Dr. Ryan Garrick)
 Apr. 28 Dr. Jennifer Howeth, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa, Department of Biological Sciences, “Species diversity and invasion in metacommunitites: predictions, patterns, and process” (Hosted by: Dr. Beckie Symula and Dr. Ryan Garrick)
May 1,                         Monday, 11am
Thuy Nguyen, M.S. student thesis defense, “TBA” (Dr. Erik Hom) *Room 213 Shoemaker
May 1,                               Monday, 2pm
Tyler Breech, M.S. student thesis defense, “TBA” (Dr. William Resetarits)
May 3,                      Wednesday, 2pm
Michael Clear, Ph.D. student dissertation prospectus, “TBA” (Dr. Erik Hom)
May 3,                 Wednesday, 3pm
Reese Worthington, Ph.D. student dissertation defense, “TBA” (Dr. Paul Lago)
 May 5 Dr. Sean Crosson, Professor, University of Chicago, Department of Microbiology, “Bacterial information processing inside and outside the host environment” (Hosted by: Dr. Patrick Curtis)

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