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Congrats graduate students on receiving scholarships!!

CONGRATULATIONS to these graduate students on receiving scholarships!!! •Anita Shrestha – The Doctors Wong-Bridges Scholarship Graduate Student Award •Jalen Holloway – McRight Biology Scholarship •Eric Weingarten – Steve and Mary Ann Cockerham •Abhishesh Bajracharya – McRight Biology
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Scientific society names award after Biology professor

The Animal Behavior Society Conservation Committee has established the Richard Buchholz Conservation Behavior Award.  This award ​is named after Dr. Richard Buchholz ​to honor his foundational and continuing work in integrating the fields of animal behavior and conservation biology. ​The
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The Bloomekatz laboratory contributes to a recently published paper

The Bloomekatz laboratory contributes to a recently published paper in Developmental Cell on the signals that regulate the formation of specialized pacemaker cells, which regulate the speed and rhythmicity of the heart. You can read a summary of the paper here. And access the full paper
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Dr. Tammy Goulet

Biology Professor Selected as Ambassador for Nationwide Program

Tamar Goulet will mentor teen girls to encourage interest in STEM fields SEPTEMBER 23, 2019 BY ABIGAIL MEISEL Tamar L. Goulet, University of Mississippi professor of biology, has been selected as one of 125 female ambassadors for a new nationwide education program. The program, launched by
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Survival of the Weakest

Professor Brice Noonan Puts a New Spin on Evolutionary Biology SEPTEMBER 19, 2019 BY ABIGAIL MEISEL When he was a teenager in south Florida, Brice Noonan discovered a new love that ultimately shaped the course of his life. “I became enamored of frogs in high school,” said Noonan, an
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