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VIDEO: Science Friday Is ‘Hot’ For Turkey Research

The popular national show Science Friday  highlights the research of Richard Buchholz, associate professor of biology, for clues as to what a female turkey finds “hot” in a male. With its fanned plumage and bold strut, a male wild turkey’s display conjures images of Americana and ...
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Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant Award Winner

Congratulations! Biology Ph.D. student Stuart Nielsen (right), a member of Dr. Brice Noonan’s laboratory group, has been awarded a Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant from the National Science Foundation. This award will allow Stuart to continue his work on the evolution of lizards of ...
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Anonymous donor funds The Edmund Keiser Faculty Support Endowment

The endowment, which honors emeritus biology professor Dr. Edmund Keiser (a Department of Biology professor from 1976-2005), will provide research support for biology faculty during summer months when they are not supported by university salary. To read more or learn how to contribute to the ...
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Dr. Glenn Parsons

Research Highlights: Dr. Glenn Parsons

Glenn Parsons, professor of biology and director of the UM Center for Biodiversity and Conservation Research, has invented a device that reduces unwanted fish and other creatures caught during the commercial fishing process – also known as bycatch – and thereby significantly increases the amount ...
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Research Highlights: Drs. Colin Jackson and Ryan Garrick

Congratulations to Drs. Colin Jackson and Ryan Garrick for their NSF award to study genetic, phylogenetic, and microbiome diversity in freshwater mussels. The holobiont concept proposes that the functional organism is the sum of the interactions between a host and its microbiome (i.e., the ...
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