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Dr. Jason Hoeksema and Dr. Stephen Brewer Expand Their Research on Co-Invasions of Plants and Fungi

Using their NSF grant Dr. Jason Hoeksema and Dr. Stephen Brewer expand their research of the co-invasion between plants and fungi Read the article here.
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Stamps Scholarship recipients include three biology majors.

“With the arrival of 19 incoming freshmen, the Stamps Scholars Program at the University of Mississippi is setting records for growth.  UM is the only university in Mississippi and only one of six Southeastern Conference schools that awards Stamps Scholarships to selected students. 
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Congratulations to Dr. Glenn Parsons for publishing a new paper in the journal “Scientific Reports”

Dr. Glenn Parsons just published a new paper in the journal Scientific Reports entitled “A hydrodynamics assessment of the hammerhead shark cephalofoil’. In this paper, Dr. Parsons and his coauthors modeled the hydrodynamic properties of the heads of eight species of
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“Dr. Tamar L. Goulet Explores Mutualism on Coral Reefs and Throughout our Complex Planet”

Marine Biologist Dr. Tamar Goulet is featured on the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) website. Click here to read the article.            
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Congrats to Dr. Patrick Curtis on your new grant!!!

This new grant is to study the Caulobacter crescentus pilus. Pili are cell structures bacteria use to attach to surfaces, as well as perform other functions. The C. crescentus pilus is a rare sub-type that has hardly been studied, and there are a couple unusual facets to it that we and
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