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Day Lab Members

Dr. Lainy Day

Lab Members

Steven Wilkening, Master’s Candidate


Cody Amason – bird care
Josh Hamer, Summer Research Assistant, Student at Millsaps College
Amber Hancock
Nathan Parrott
Gerald Stinson

Estefania-HernandezAlumni– Current Position

  • Patrick Ayers (Undergraduate) – Obtaining a Masters of Medical Science Degree at Mississippi College
  • John Ball (Undergraduate) – University of Mississippi School of Medicine Fall 2012
  • Jed Brinsinger (Field Assistant) – Graduated BA in Psychology Gwynedd Mercy College, Worked at Eckerd Youth Alternatives
  • Chelsea Campbell (Undergraduate) – Tulane School of Public Health, MSPH, Interviewing for Doctorate of Pharmacy Positions.
  • Matthew DiGuisto (Honors Undergraduate) – The Ohio State University Medical School
  • Ashley Emerson (Undergraduate) – University of Mississippi School of Medicine
  • Sonja Gaessler (Field Assistant) – MA Biology, Studying for MA in Sustainable International Agriculture, working as an Environmental consultant.
  • Joshua Hamer (Undergraduate, MS Functional Genomics Network, McNair Student) – Masters Student, University of Mississippi, Psychology Department.
  • Amber Hancock (Undergraduate, Research Assistant) – Graduated BA University of Mississippi
  • Estefanía Hernández (Field Assistant) – BS, Universidad de Panamá, MA, Environmental Engineering, University of Argentina
  • Geoffrey Kennedy (Undergraduate)– Working for Darden, Fortune 500 Hospitality Company
  • Amarachukwu Imediegwu (SRIU student) –Rosalind Franklin Medical School, Chicago, Class of 2012
  • Megumi Mathis (Honors Undergraduate) – Working on BS at University of Mississippi
  • Aaron Pool (Undergraduate) – Graduated BS University of Mississippi
  • Nathan Parrott (Undergraduate) – Elementary Education, Real Estate, Applying to Dental School
  • Brittany Simpson (Honors Undergraduate) – University of Mississippi School of Medicine
  • William Sobecki (Undergraduate) – Graduated BS University of Mississippi
  • Gerald Stinson (Honors Undergraduate) – Pharmacy Assistant, Applying to Optometry School
  • Hillary Taylor (Undergraduate)– University of Georgia Law School Class of 2012
  • Cleotha Taylor (McNair student) – Working on BS, Rust College, Holly Springs, Mississippi
  • Bobby Tullos (Undergraduate)– University of Mississippi School of Medicine
  • Richard Tramel (Undergraduate, Research Assistant) –
  • Diarria Williams (Undergraduate, McNair Student) – M.S. Biology Student at Jackson State University.
  • Steven Wilkening (Masters Student) – University of Mississippi School of Medicine Fall 2012

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