Date Seminar (All seminars are on Fridays in 303 Shoemaker at 2:00pm unless specified)
Jan. 24 no seminar
Jan. 31 Dr. Jose Alonso, North Carolina State University, Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, “Translation regulation of hormone responses” (Hosted by: Dr. Yongjian Qiu)
Feb. 7 Dr. Rebecca Kimball, University of Florida, Department of Biology, “Title: TBA” (Hosted by: Dr. Richard Buchholz)
Feb. 14 Dr. Volker Rudolf, Rice University, Biosciences Department, “Temporally explicit ecology: The role of seasons and phenological shifts” (Hosted by Dr. William Resetarits and Dr. Peter Zee)
Feb. 21 Dr. Anne Pringle, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Departments of Botany and Bacteriology, “The global trade in trees and invasive ectomycorrhizal fungi: understanding the biology of the death cap mushroom in its new habitats” (Hosted by: Dr. Jason Hoeksema and Dr. Erik Hom)
Feb. 28 Dr. Brigitte Dauwalder, University of Houston, Department of Biology and Biochemistry, “The ideal fly mate: Brains and much more” (Hosted by: Dr. Gregg Roman)
Mar. 6 no seminar
Mar. 13 Spring Break
Mar. 20 Dr. Jason Jesson, Middle Tennessee State University, Department of Biology, “Title: TBA” (Hosted by: Dr. Josh Bloomekatz)
Mar. 27 Dr. Louise Lewis, University of Connecticut, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, “Title: TBA” (Hosted by: Dr. Erik Hom)
Apr. 3 Dr. Jeremy Beaulieu, University of Arkansas, Department of Biological Sciences, “Embracing the hidden strengths of large phylogenetic trees and comparative methods” (Hosted by: Dr. Jason Hoeksema)
Apr. 10 Good Friday
Apr. 17 Dr. Annalise Paaby, Georgia Institute of Technology, Biological Sciences Department, “Title: TBA” (Hosted by: Dr. Peter Zee)
Apr. 20, Monday, 2pm Maya Kaup, Thesis Defense, “Title: TBA” (Hosted by: Dr. Erik Hom)
Apr. 22, Wednesday, 2pm Chaz Hyseni, Dissertation Defense, “Evolutionary history of subterranean termites in the geographic and ecological context of the Appalachian Mountains in the United States” (Hosted by: Dr. Ryan Garrick)
Apr. 24 Dr. Dave Weisrock, University of Kentucky, Department of Biology, “Title: TBA” (Hosted by: Dr. Brice Noonan)
May 1 no seminar

Please contact Ryan Garrick (rgarrick@olemiss.edu) and Beckie Symula (resymula@olemiss.edu)  in the Department of Biology to schedule an appointment with a speaker.

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