Fall 2018

Date Seminar (All seminars are on Fridays in 303 Shoemaker at 2:00pm unless specified)
Aug. 24 no seminar
Aug. 31 no seminar
Sept. 7 Dr. Sarah Knutie, Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, “Environmental change shapes host defenses against parasites” (Hosted by: Dr. Susan Balenger)
Sept. 14 Dr. Martin Thoms, Professor of River Science, University of New England, Australia, Dept. of Geography, “Water Wars: The battle for who gets the water!” (Hosted by: Dr. Cliff Ochs)
Sept. 18, Tuesday, 4pm Dr. Stephen Jenkins, Professor Emeritus, University of Nevada-Reno, Dept. of Biology, “Teaching critical thinking though stories” (Hosted by: Dr. Brian Doctor)
Sept. 21 Dr. Jordan Karubian, Associate Professor, Tulane University, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, “Integrating ecological research and community engagement: case studies from Ecuador and New Orleans” (Hosted by: BGSS)
Sept. 28 Dr. Chris Brooks, Associate Professor, Mississippi State University, Dept. of Biological Sciences, “Prickly Pear Ecology OR It is not that color, that texture, that dead, nor does it smell that way” (Hosted by: Dr. Ryan Garrick)
Oct. 5 Dr. Jen Schweitzer, Associate Professor, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, “Eco-evo dynamics & the evolution of plant response to soil N limitation” (Hosted by: Dr. Jason Hoeksema)
Oct. 12 Dr. Nigel Atkinson, Professor, University of Texas-Austin, The Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research, “Alcohol preference and alcohol-modulated social interaction in Drosophila” (Hosted by: Dr. Gregg Roman)
Oct. 19 Dr. Marty Martin, Associate Professor, University of Southern Florida, Dept. of Integrative Biology, “Anthropogenic stressors and avian host competence” (Hosted by: Dr. Susan Balenger)
Oct. 26 Dr. Amy Abell, Assistant Professor, University of Memphis, Dept. of Biological Sciences, “Regulating the cellular phenotype of stem cells and cancer cells” (Hosted by: Dr. Josh Bloomekatz)
Nov. 2 Dr. Matt Niemiller, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama-Huntsville, Dept. of Biology, “Out of sight, out of mind: the ecology, evolution, and conservation of cave life(Hosted by: Dr. Ryan Garrick)
Nov. 9 Dr. Levi Morran, Assistant Professor, Emory University, Dept. of Biology, “On her majesty’s secret service: The evolution of sex and the Red Queen” (Hosted by: Dr. Peter Zee)
Nov. 14, Wednesday, 3pm Lauryn Sperling, Thesis Defense, “Title: TBA” (Hosted by: Dr. Patrick Curtis)
Nov. 16 Dr. Kyle Summers, Professor, East Carolina University, Dept. of Biology, “The evolution of mimicry in Peruvian poison frogs: from the field to the genome and back again” (Hosted by: Dr. Brice Noonan)
Nov. 23 Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 26, Monday, 3pm Mark McCauley, Dissertation Defense, “Title: TBA” (Hosted by: Dr. Tammy Goulet)
Nov. 30 no seminar

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