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bioSlide_0000_Zebrafish hear - Bloomkatz pic

Developing Zebrafish Heart


A young freshwater turtle

bioSlide_0003_Pale yellow pitcher plant

Carnivorous flowering plant

bioSlide_0004_oak woodland

Wildflower diversity in a restored open oak woodland

bioSlide_0005_Rectangle 2

Diversity of wild mushrooms of north Mississippi

bioSlide_0006_Meadow beauty flower

Savannah meadowbeauty (Rhexia alifanus)

bioSlide_0007_Atlantic Sharpnose Shark (Lauren Fuller)

Young shark being studied in the Gulf of Mexico


Anatomy & Physiology laboratory in Shoemaker Hall

bioSlide_0009_A zebra finch learns to escape a heated arena using spatial memory of colored cues

Zebra finch neurobiology research

Arizona Tarantula close up

Tarantula photographed in Arizona

Dr. Chen slider picture 2023

Visualization of Reactive Oxygen Species in Guard Cells

The first crystallized plant isopropylmalate dehydrogenase

The first crystallized plant isopropylmalate dehydrogenase

The Shoe - 2020 News - The Biology Department of the University of Mississippi
Meet our BISC 160 mentors


  • Estelle Blair
    #2024UMMCGrad: Estelle Blair balances medical school and motherhood – single, but not alone
  • Headshots of Biology Department faculty and staff, top to bottom, left to right: Dr. Sharday Ewell, Dr. Lydia Lytal, Dr. Timothy Menzel, Dr. Mariel Pfeifer, Dr. Becks Prescott, Catherine Hultman, Dr. Brian Doctor, Dr. Cliff Ochs, Dr. Glenn Parsons
    New Faces & Retirements
  • Dr. Jackson at the haunted lab 2022
    Biology Halloween Open House

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