• 2017 McRight recipients
    Congratulations to the 2017 McRight Graduate Scholars, Brooke Sykes, Maya Kaup, and Reed Scott (not pictured)

    Students and mentors celebrate successful completion of Biology Bootcamp 2017
    Bootcamp 2017 mentors + McCook
    Students and mentors celebrate successful completion of Biology Bootcamp 2017
    Teaching assistant Piper Dunn helps BISC 206 (Human A&P I) locate and identify nerves in the upper and lower limbs.
    Alexandra Ware and Tiffany Thomas assemble a large model of the human brain in their Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab.
    Dr. Parsons is a recognized expert on sharks, skates, and rays of the Gulf of Mexico
    curtis lab picture
    Dr. Curtis’ work on microbial intracellular signaling networks is supported by an NSF CAREER award
    J.P. Lawrence, a Ph.D. candidate with Dr. Noonan, is spending Spring 2016 studying frogs in Australia as part of an Endeavour Research Fellowship
    Students in Dr. Britson's Anatomy & Physiology course study the heart and other aspects of the circulatory system
    The UM Field Station is a 740-acre research and educational facility that is used by a number of Biology faculty & students
    Dr. Erik Hom lab
    Dr. Erik Hom discussing algal cultures with an ARISE@UM high school summer intern as part of a collaboration with the Bigelow Laboratory in Maine.
    Dr. Day's interests are centered on the brain regions involved in spatial and motor learning
  • ****Undergraduate BA/BS Worksheet


    Biology graduate students place in 3-Minute Thesis Competition

    Two Biology graduate students placed in the University-wide 3-Minute Thesis Competition. Jessica Heppard, working on her Master’s degree with Dr. Rich Buchholz, won first place in the Master’s student category, while Bram Stone, working on his Ph.D. with Dr. Colin Jackson, came in second place in the Ph.D. student category. As part of the competition, graduate students explain their research in 3 minutes, using a single PowerPoint slide. Jessica’s presentation can be seen at https://youtu.be/hD2fA-uEG2A and Bram’s presentation can be seen at https://youtu.be/ncWYgKRDQPI.

    Congrats to graduate student, Ehlana Stell!!

    Ehlana took 2nd place in the best student paper competition at the American Fisheries Society Meeting in Oxford this past week. Her presentation, “Analyzing leap characteristics and burst speeds of Silver Carp, Hypopthalmichthys molitrix using in situ video analysis” was up against stiff competition.

    Congrats to graduate students, Sarah Amonett & Brooke Sykes!!

    Sarah Amonett, an M.S. student in Dr. Susan Balenger’s lab, has been awarded research grants from the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology and the North American Bluebird Society. These awards are highly competitive and will help pay for research supplies related to Sarah’s thesis project, “Maternal antibody transmission against a novel pathogen in Eastern Bluebirds.”



    Brooke Sykes, an M.S. student in Dr. Susan Balenger’s lab, has been awarded a research grant from the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology. This award is highly competitive and will help pay for supplies related to Brooke’s thesis project, “The effects of nest heat manipulation on development, physiology, and parasitism in the Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis).”


    Congrats to graduate student, Stephanie Burgess!!

    Stephanie Burgess, a PhD Candidate in Dr. Ryan Garrick's lab, has received a NASA-MSU Professional Enhancement Award. The award will fund her attendance at the International Association of Landscape Ecologists Conference in Chicago this April. Stephanie will also be presenting her research on landscape genetics at the conference.


    New blue tarantula discovered in South America

    "A bright blue tarantula is new to science and perhaps never before seen by human eyes" thanks to our Ph.D. student Andrew Snyder. For more info click here.