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    Ph.D. students Griffin Williams, Rabina Shrestha, and Anurag Rijal receive the 2018-2019 Biology graduate student awards
    Lauren Fuller samples blacktipshark
    Biology graduate student, Lauren Fuller, samples a Blacktip shark in the Gulf of Mexico
    Students and mentors celebrate successful completion of Biology Bootcamp 2018
    Graduate student, Joey Kennedy, works on hormone assays in Dr. Leary's lab
    Spring 2018 Doctors
    Congratulations to JP Lawrence, Audrey Harrison, Reese Worthington, Bram Stone, and Andrew Snyder for completing their Doctorate degree.
    Heppard. Stell. Dodd - M.S. pic
    Congratulations to Jessica Heppard, Ehlana Stell and Caleb Dobb for completing their Masters degree.
    Dr. Parsons is a recognized expert on sharks, skates, and rays of the Gulf of Mexico
    Ph.D. student, Chaz Hyseni, analyzes biogeographic data for his dissertation
    Tri Beta
    Members of the Beta Kappa Chapter of Tri-Beta (National Biological Honors Society) led an Earth Day Clean-Up event at South Campus Rail Trail
    Alexandra Ware and Tiffany Thomas assemble a large model of the human brain in their Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab.
    The UM Field Station is a 740-acre research and educational facility that is used by Biology faculty and students
    Dr. Day's interests are centered on the brain regions involved in spatial and motor learning
    Dr. Erik Hom lab
    Dr. Erik Hom discussing algal cultures with an ARISE@UM high school summer intern as part of a collaboration with the Bigelow Laboratory in Maine.
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    • Women In Stem speaker Zanethia Barnett
    • Dr. Glenn Parsons
      Dr. Glenn Parsons Invents Device to Improve Fishery Operations
    • Congratulations to Drs. Colin Jackson and Ryan Garrick for their NSF award to study genetic, phylogenetic, and microbiome diversity in freshwater mussels.

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