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Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Bachelor of Arts in Biological Science

The B.A. in Biological Science requires students to complete the general education courses, major in Biological Science, and a minor field of study. Students who complete a second major have more than completed the requirement of a secondary field of study, and thus are not required to also complete a minor.

The degree sheet outlines these requirements and shows a sample four-year plan of study

Biological Science major (2020-21 Academic Catalog)

Students complete 6 required biology courses and 3-4 biology electives; they also complete 4 courses outside the department. A minimum grade of C or better is required in all courses counted for the major, and every biology course requires a grade of C or better in all prerequisite courses, including those prerequisite courses from other departments.

  • Bisc 160, 161. Biological Sciences I & Lab (4 hours)
  • Bisc 162, 163. Biological Sciences II & Lab (4 hours)
  • Bisc 322. General Ecology (4 hours)
  • Bisc 336. Genetics (4 hours)

One physiology course (4 hours):

  • Bisc 330. Introductory Physiology
  • Bisc 438. Microbial Physiology
  • Bisc 516. Plant Physiology

Biology electives at the 300 level or higher except Bisc 492 (12 hours)

Bisc 498. Major Field Achievement Test (0 hours)

4 courses (14 credit hours) outside of the department:

  • Chem 105, 115. General Chemistry I and Lab (4 hours)
  • Chem 106, 116. General Chemistry II and Lab (4 hours)

2 mathematics courses (6 credit hours) from:

  • Math 115. Elem. Statistics
  • Math 121 or Math 125 (but not both). Algebra or Basic Math for Science & Engineering
  • Math 123. Trigonometry
  • Math 261. Calculus I or higher (except Math 245 & 246)

The UM Catalog lists the current Biological Science (BISC) courses.