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BISC 102: Inquiry Into Life

Human Biology
Web Fall 2020

Course Overview
This is a survey course intended for non-biology majors and will cover a wide variety
of topics that emphasize how the human body functions. The course will have an
introduction to the process of science, genetics and inheritance in addition to an
overview of the body systems. The class applies to the science requirement of the
core curriculum at The University of Mississippi. The associated laboratory is BISC
103 and cannot be taken online.
Goals of the Course
The student will be presented information that will allow him/her to comprehend and
make informed decisions about their basic health and issues that may become
apparent over time. The information will also allow a student to evaluate and
discuss topics associated with health and nutrition and to understand the scientific
processes that are the foundation of scientific and medical advances.
Learning Objectives
In this course, you will learn about the science of life with an emphasis on the
human body. After a semester of lecture and out-of-class work, each student
should be able to:
1. explain how science proceeds and how scientific knowledge accumulates
and leads to scientific theories.
2. demonstrate an understanding of processes that cells share, including
energy production, reproduction, and communication.
3. convey an understanding of how the functioning of cells, organs, and
tissues can influence the functioning and health of the human body;
4. explain how information flows from DNA to proteins and how humans have
manipulated that process to better our health.
5. predict the inheritance of traits from one generation to the next a