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BISC 306 | Virology with Dr. Wayne Gray

illustration of cell getting attacked
Virology is taught by Dr. Wayne Gray, who spent 27 years at the University of Arkansas Medical School teaching medical and graduate students and conducting research in medical virology. His research interests are in medical microbiology, virology, and vaccines.

Virus particlesVirology introduces students to the basic principles of viruses and virus diseases in human, animals, and plants. Students learn the structure of viruses and the molecular mechanisms by which they replicate in cells. In addition, they learn the pathogenesis and clinical symptoms of viral diseases, how these diseases are treated with antiviral agents, and how they are prevented with vaccines. The course provides a strong infectious disease background for students interested in human health care and veterinary medicine.

    After completing this course, students will be able to

  • describe virus structure;
  • list the steps of virus replication;
  • explain viral pathogenesis and disease symptoms;
  • identify methods of diagnosis and treatment of viral diseases; and
  • describe prevention and control of viral diseases including vaccines.

“This class is great! Material is pretty cool and relevant, and the tests are fair and relatively easy if you study. TAKE THIS CLASS. Dr. Gray is a very passionate teacher. I learned so much!”

“Dr. Gray is one of the greatest professors that I have had since I have been in college. I recommend you to take his courses if you are interested in going into any healthcare field. It is a very interesting subject matter and he really takes the time you understand the viruses and the diseases they cause making it very applicable to pre-med majors.”