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BISC 310 | Human Anatomy with Dr. Carol Britson

Human Anatomy classroom featuring technology
Dr. Carol Britson, a University of Mississippi PLATO Excellence in Teaching Award recipient, offers Human Anatomy for biology and pre-health professions students. This course is more advanced than the Anatomy & Physiology sequence taught for sophomores primarily going into nursing. Laboratory resources in this course provide students with an unparalleled entry into exploration of the structure of the human organism as well as the building blocks for success in professional programs such as medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, physician assistant, etc.

Students and professor around a cadaverIn the laboratory, students engage in active examination, dissection, and study of “Gloria,” our synthetic cadaver that provides the feel and flexibility of living tissue. Students carry this new knowledge through to examination of our plastinated cadaver prosections and sections (thin 2D slices). Students connect the anatomy of the synthetic cadaver and plastinated specimens to modern technology in the use of 3D visualization software. Students manipulate CT and MRI data from multiple individuals and perspectives to problem solve in the anatomy lab by connecting two dimensions to three, nonliving to the living, and education to professional goals.

    The objectives of this course are to demonstrate an understanding of:

  • the principles of anatomical design and 3-dimensional associations between structures;
  • the relationship of evolutionary history to adult structure-function relationships;
  • the effect of embryological development on adult human anatomy; and
  • the integration of anatomical design across levels of biological organization.

“This has been one of my favorite biology classes that I have taken here at Ole Miss! It is one of the first that I feel will be extremely helpful to me for med school. Do not get me wrong– it is a hard class and needs to be taken in a semester where you could focus on the course!”

“You truly learn anatomy and how to not just memorize material, but to actually learn it. Dr. Britson is very passionate about this subject and teaches with enthusiasm. She is a great teacher that is very passionate about the course and is willing to help with organization strategies that are necessary to be successful in this class.”