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BISC 322 | General Ecology with Dr. Peter Zee

Students in Bailey Woods measuring the circumference of a tree
Dr. Peter Zee, an evolutionary ecologist with a PhD from Indiana University. His research interests are in the evolution of species interactions in ecological communities.

Forest with some dead and some living treesEcology is a diverse field of study in biology, ranging from mathematical models to surveys in the field. Through a combination of lectures, computer labs, and field labs around the Oxford area, students learn how interactions between organisms and their environments result in the patterns of biodiversity around us. The course also focuses on helping students learn to interpret graphical information and data, skills that are useful across a wide array of careers. Applications of ecological thinking to human health, agricultural systems, and management of natural resources. Through the activities in this course, students will come away with an enriched view of the environment around them.

    The goal of this course is to enhance students’ existing curiosity about and understanding of the biological world. Students learn to understand and appreciate:

  • the scope of the field of ecology;
  • the relationships of organisms with each other and their environments;
  • how ecologists pursue ecological questions; and
  • reading and interpreting graphical information and data.

“Dr. Zee is cash money. He’s the best professor ever.”

“Dr. Zee has made this semester super easy and interesting. The thing I liked the most was on the first day of class, he made sure to show his students how Ecology was applicable from being an ecologist to how it’s used in the medical field. It helped me stay focused in the class and enjoy the material more.”

“I really enjoyed this class. It was all very interesting, and you begin to see the world around you a little differently. I think even if you aren’t the biggest fan of Ecology, you will find this course interesting.”