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Dr. Clarke Holmes, MD – Alumnus Spotlight

Clarke HolmesPhysician, Impact Sports Medicine & Orthopedics

BA in Biological Science (1994)
MD in Medicine, UMMC (1998)


How, when, and why did you decide to study biology?
I decided to pursue a degree in biology at the beginning of my undergraduate experience. I had intentions of attending medical school from the age of 15, and I felt that a biology degree would prepare me well for a career in medicine.

Discuss the highlights of your undergraduate experience?
Ole Miss was and continues to be a special place for me. My undergraduate experience was marked by the development of deep friendships, fantastic memories and an academic curriculum that was challenging yet rewarding. I distinctly recall studying long and consistent hours, particularly Sunday through Thursday, but then making time for social life once my work was done and on the weekends. I was named the “Marshall” of the class of Liberal Arts at graduation in 1994, finishing with a 4.0 GPA.

Talk about your path since graduation and career goals at this point?
Upon graduation, I headed immediately to medical school at the University of Mississippi School of Medicine where I graduated magna cum laude in 1998. This was followed by a residency in Florida and a fellowship in Indiana. Since 2003, I have been a practicing physician with a specialty in orthopedics and sports medicine. I served as a professor in two academic medical centers- the University of Mississippi in Jackson and Georgetown University in Washington, DC. In 2012, I opened a sports medicine private practice in Nashville, TN, serving the ever-expanding metropolitan area. Patients also from several surrounding states seek my opinion, and it is a privilege to care for individuals, both athletes and non-athletes, with a variety of medical conditions. Ole Miss indeed prepared me well, both academically and socially, to succeed in the medical profession.