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Congrats to our newest M.S. and Ph.D. Graduates!!

Pictured left to right:
Reed Scott, M.S.
Brooke Sykes, M.S.
Sarah Amonett, M.S.
Sarah McNamara, M.S.
Maya Kaup, M.S.
Kevin Potts, M.S.
Chaz Hyseni, Ph.D.

Congrats to the advisors of our new graduates: Dr. William Resetarits, Dr. Susan Balenger, Dr. Erik Hom, Dr. Ryan Garrick.

How did we take these pictures while maintaining social distancing? Well, thanks to the photo-editing skills of Brooke Sykes, MS 2020, we took photographs of each graduate separately and then carefully edited them together. We even did a masked version…just to be safe!

Our graduating students couldn’t resist one last, socially distanced, trip to our Biology tailgating spot near Shoemaker Hall.