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Awards and Achievements

Undergraduate Awards

Goldwater Scholarship

Christian Boudreaux
Noah Garrett
Alyssa Stoner

James Meredith Changemaker Award Finalist

Logan Thomas

Leaders for Tomorrow National Scholarship

Brady Bass
Destiny Kirksey

Norquist Scholarship

Daniel Cuenca
Kayla Morgan
Simon Nguyen
Trent Smith

Shoemaker Scholarship

Jessy Gardner
Graci Porter
Grace Thompson
Camryn White

Sigma Xi Grant

Gabrielle Morris

Taylor Medal

Zynub Al-Sherri
Thomas Berry
Sarah Brownlee
Andrea Cleveland
Rylie Mangold
Anna Robertson
Alyssa Stoner

Undergraduate Publications

Nicole Jones published “Sleep Duration is Associated with Caudate Volume and Executive Function” in Brain Imaging and Behavior’s Online Edition

Graduate Students’ Degree Completion 2022- 2023

Josh Rangel – MS, Summer 2022 – Advisor: Dr. Glenn Parsons
Laura West – MS, Summer 2022 – Advisor: Dr. Lainy Day
Clement Agyemang – MS, December 2022 – Advisor: Dr. Brad Jones
Ruric Bowman – MS, Spring 2023 – Advisor: Dr. Chris Leary
Griffin Williams – Ph.D., Spring 2023 – Advisor: Dr. Steve Brewer
Xia Li – Ph.D., Summer 2023 – Advisor: Dr. Erik Hom

Graduate Student Features

Savannah Draud – Ph.D., featured on Good Things on SuperTalkTV for her outreach program to public schools.

Graduate Student Awards Spring 2023

Neuroscience Research Showcase

Matthew Thibodeaux – MS,  – Advisor: Dr. Lainy Day

NASA/ Mississippi Space Grant Consortium Graduate Research Fellow

Patrick Allison – Ph.D., – Advisor: Dr. Ryan Garrick
Jessi Stamn – Ph.D., – Advisor: Dr. Richard Buchholz

Wild Animal Initiative Grant

Laney Nute – Ph.D., – Advisor: Dr. Richard Buchholz

American Museum of Natural History’s Lerner-Gray Fund for Marine Research – $2400

Kayleigh Mazariegos – Ph.D., – Advisor: Dr. Richard Buchholz

Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid of Research – $1000

Laney Nute – Ph.D.,  – Advisor: Dr. Richard Buchholz

Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology Leonard and Deborah Ferrington Graduate Research Award

Sara Lucia Anaya Morales – Ph.D., – Advisor Dr. Michel Ohmer

Katherine S. McCarter Award from the Ecological Society of America

Alicia Arrington-Thomas – Ph.D., – Advisor: Dr. Steve Brewer

McRight Scholarship

Prabin Dawadi – Ph.D., – Advisor: Dr. Erik Hom
Sara Lucia Anaya Morales – Ph.D., – Advisor: Dr. Michel Ohmer
Bowen Tan – Ph.D., – Advisor: Dr. Sixue Chen

Steve and Mary Ann Cockerham Scholarship

Prashanna Koirala – Ph.D., – Advisor: Dr. Joshua Bloomekatz
Harini Saravanan – Ph.D., – Advisor: Dr. Joshua Bloomekatz
Anupa Wasti Thapaliya – Ph.D., – Advisor: Dr. Yongjian Qiu

Doctors Wong-Bridges Scholarship

Sabnam Ojha – Ph.D., – Advisor: Dr. Sarah Liljegren

Georgia St. Amand Laboratory Teaching Assistant Scholarship

Gayatri Sharma – Ph.D. – Advisor: Dr. Patrick Curtis

Reginald Ott Memorial Scholarship

Madleyn Jewess – MS, – Advisor: Dr. Steve Brewer

UM Graduate School Summer Research Fellowship

Rabina Shrestha – Ph.D., – Advisor: Dr. Joshua Bloomekatz
Tahmina Akter – Ph.D., – Advisor: Dr. Sixue Chen
Laney Nute – Ph.D., – Advisor: Dr. Richard Buchholz

CBCR Summer Graduate Research Grant

Savanna Draud – Ph.D., – Advisor: Dr. Jason Hoeksema
Maddie Jewess – MS, – Advisor: Dr. Steve Brewer
Kayleigh Mazariegos – Ph.D., – Advisor: Dr. Richard Buchholz

UM Graduate Achievement Award

Abhishesh Bajracharya – Ph.D., – Advisor: Dr. Yongjian Qiu

Faculty Awards

Melinda and Ben Yarbrough M.D., Senior Professor Research Award for Natural Sciences

Dr. Jason Hoeksema

Cora Lee Graham Award

Dr. Becky Symula

Human Anatomy and Physiology Society Secretary elected

Dr. Carol Britson

HAPS 2023 First Timer Award

Dr. Joshua Schmerge

Faculty Features and Publications

Dr. Richard Buchholz featured in UMToday “Biologist, Students Promote Research on Sustainable Ecotourism” September 2022
Dr. Jason Hoeksema featured in New York Times’ “Are Trees Talking Underground? For Scientists, It’s in Dispute” published November 7, 2022
Dr. Erik Hom’s “Mutualism-Enhancing Mutations Dominate Early Adaptation in a two-species Microbial Community,” published in Nature Ecology and Evolution January 2023
Dr. Mika Jekabsons’ “Breast Cancer Cells that Preferentially Metastasize to Lung or Bone are More Glycolytic, Synthesize Serine at Greater Rates, and Consumes Less ATP and NADPH than        Parent MDA-MB-231 Cells” published in BMC journal January 2023
Dr. Jason Hoeksema’s “Positive Citation Bias and Overinterpreted Results Lead to Misinformation on Common Mycorrhizal Networks in Forests” published in Nature Ecology and Evolution February 2023
Dr. Yongjian Qiu presents “Reveal the Internal Networking of Plant Thermal Responses Using Microdevices” at TEDX Conference hosted at the Ford Center, University of Mississippi         February 23, 2023
Dr. Patrick Curtis received 2022 Outstanding Article for “The Transcriptional Regulator CtrA Controls Gene Expression in Alphaproteobacteria Phages: Evidence for a Lytic Deferment Pathway” published in Frontiers in Microbiology
Dr. Tamar Goulet coauthored “Building Consensus Around the Assessment and Interpretation of Symbiodiniaceae Diversity” published in PeerJ March 2023
Dr. Clifford Ochs’ “Rivers of the Lower Mississippi Basin,” published in chapter six in Rivers of North America, volume 2
Dr. Ryan Garrick appeared on Henry Stewart Talks and presented “Principles of Phylogeography and Landscape Genetics” that was broadcast April 30, 2023 Principles of phylogeography and landscape genetics | HSTalks
Dr. Steve Brewer and Dr. Jason Hoeksema co-hosted “Invasions and Ecosystems-Ecosystem Functional Consequences of Plant and Fungal Invasions, and How Dynamics and Management of Invasions are Affected by Global Change and Extreme Climatic Events” at Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment at Western Sydney University in Australia from May 15-28, 2023

Dr. Tamar Goulet and Dr. Colin Jackson coauthored “Systematic Review of Cnidarian Microbiomes Reveals Insights into the Structure, Specificity, and Fidelity of Marine Associations” and the manuscript has been accepted

Faculty Grants

National Science Foundation Career Award $1,000,000

Dr. Yongjian Qiu

National Institutes of Heath Award $411,969

Dr. Joshua Bloomekatz

National Science Foundation—Plant Genome Research Program $798,630

Dr. Sixue Chen

Mississippi Based RESTORE Act Center of Excellence $615,000

Dr. Colin Jackson

UM Institute for Data Science Grant $30,000

Dr. Richard Buchholz with
Jessi Stamn, Lance Yarbrough,
Yili Jiang

Faculty Promotions

Dr. Lainy Day promoted to rank of Full Professor

Post Doctorate Grants

National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship  in Biology

Dr. Jenny Cocciardi – Advisor: Dr. Michel Ohmer

Staff Teamwork Award

Tyler Flynn, Gwen Rogers, Candece Stewart, Lance Sullivan, Adam Thebeau


October 2022 Open House accompanied by Shoemaker’s 1st haunted lab
April 2023 Earth Day at Avent Park assisted in part by Dr. Steve Brewer
May 2, 2023 Multicultural Night hosted by BGSS at Thad Cochran Research Center