Dr. Erik Hom

Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
The University of Mississippi


Office: 401 Shoemaker Hall
Lab: 403 Shoemaker Hall
Email: erik@olemiss.edu
Phone: 662-915-1731

Website: Darwin’s Daemon

Lab Openings

Research Interests:

The evolution of microbial symbioses and consortia, fungal-algal species interactions, fungal and algal biodiversity, synthetic ecology, image processing, microbial ecology of fermented foods, and biological approaches to industrial waste valorization.

Joining the Lab:

If you are interested in pursuing an M.S., Ph.D, or postdoctoral experience with Dr. Hom, please contact him directly via email. Undergraduate students interested in research projects are also encouraged to speak to Dr. Hom directly (do not be shy, he does not bite). Minority students, women, and high school students are especially encouraged to explore research opportunities in the lab. The lab operates with a team mindset of working hard, playing hard, having fun, and doing the best cool science we can.


BISC 102: Inquiry into Life
BISC 336: Genetics


B.A., 1995, Natural Sciences, Swarthmore College
Ph.D., 2006, Biophysics, University of California, San Francisco
Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of Molecular & Cellular Biology and Center for Systems Biology, Harvard University

Recent Publications:

• Hom EFY, Aiyar P, Schaeme D, Mittag M, and Sasso S (Nov 2015), “A Chemical Perspective on Microalgal-Microbial Interactions.” Trends in Plant Sciences, in press.

• Flowers JM, Hazzouri KM, Pham GM, Rosas U, Bahmani T, Khraiwesh B, Harris EH, Lefebvre, Hom EFY, Salehi-Ashtiani K, and Purugganan MD (2015), “Whole Genome Re-sequencing Reveals Extensive Natural Variation in the Model Green Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.” The Plant Cell 27:2353-2369.

• Hom EFY & Murray AW (2014), “Niche Engineering Demonstrates a Latent Capacity for Fungal-Algal Mutualism.” Science 345:94-98