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Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Game Theory!

Unless otherwise noted below, seminars are held on Fridays at 2 p.m. in Room 303 Shoemaker Hall.

Sept. 12 Dr. David Sansing, professor emeritus University of Mississippi Dept. of History
“A giant footprint in the soil: The life and work of Eugene Woldemar Hilgard” (hosted by Dr. Jason Hoeksema)
Sept. 19 2:00 pm: Jennifer Bell, M.S. prospectus presentation
“Risk: Microstegium vimineum’s mission for world and microbial conquest”
2:30 pm: Sarah Crocker-Buta, M.S. prospectus presentation
“Extrinsic and intrinsic factors influencing mating tactic expression in male green treefrogs, Hyla cinerea”
Sept. 26 Dr. Wayne Gray, University of Mississippi Department of Biology
“My life with herpes” (hosted by Dr. Colin Jackson)
Oct. 3 Dr. Kevin Kuehn, University of Southern Mississippi Dept. of Biological Sciences
“Lost in space-fungus: a tale of two climates” (hosted by Dr. Colin Jackson)
Oct. 10 Dr. Kim Paul, Clemson University Dept. of Genetics & Biochemistry
“Trypanosoma brucei immune evasion: Is the myristate monopoly an Achilles heel?”(hosted by Jamie Wood and Dr. Colin Jackson)
Oct. 17 Dr. Tomáš Takáč, Palacký University (Czech Republic) Faculty of Science
“Proteomic and cell biology approaches to study vesicular traffic in plants”(hosted by Dr. Sarah Liljegren)
Oct. 24 Dr. Travis Marsico, Arkansas State University Dept of Biological Sciences
“Defense-free space invaders” (hosted by Drs. Ryan Garrick and Beckie Symula)
Oct. 31 Thomas Martin, M.S. prospectus presentation
“Home range variation in the Ocellated Turkey over a disturbance gradient”
Nov. 7 Renan Bosque, Ph.D. prospectus presentation
“Coral snakes Mortal Kombat and Shang Tsung’s mimicry theory”
Wed. Nov. 12 Hak Chul Lee, Ph.D. prospectus presentation
“Vegetation effects on rhizosphere microbial populations in freshwater and coastal wetlands of Mississippi”
Nov. 14 Lauren Fuller, M.S. prospectus presentation
“Factors affecting the stress response in sharks; Forced ventilation, sedation, and seasonal variation”
Audrey Harrison, M.S. prospectus presentation
“Connect 4: The effects of habitat connectivity on the benthos of a large, lowland river”
Mon. Nov. 17 Ann Rasmussen, Ph.D. prospectus presentation
“Dig Dug: Unearthing Mycorrhizal Ecology in Southeastern Forests”
Wed. Nov. 19 Mark McCauley, Ph.D. prospectus presentation
“Portal: Environmental and ontogenetic influences on cnidarian – Symbiodinium symbioses”
Nov. 28 No seminar—Happy Thanksgiving!
Wed. Dec. 3 Lauren Eveland, M.S. prospectus presentation
“Oviposition site selection by mosquitoes: predator-released kairomones, and responses to different taxa”
Dec. 5 Dr. Edmund Keiser, University of Mississippi Department of Biology Professor Emeritus “TBA”(hosted by Dr. Colin Jackson)
Please contact Colin Jackson in the Department of Biology to schedule an appointment with a speaker. Page last updated 11/3/14.

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