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Fall 2015

Fall 2015-Seminars

Unless otherwise noted below, seminars are held on Fridays at 2:00 p.m. in Room 303 Shoemaker Hall.

Aug. 24          (Monday)
Ariel Dauzart, M.S. student thesis defense, “The Effects of Clinorotation on the host plant, Medicago truncatula, and its two microbial symbionts”
Aug. 28  OPEN
Sept. 4 Bram Stone, Ph.D student dissertation prospectus, “This talk is not about snakes: dynamics of microbial communities on plant leaves”
Sept. 11
Sept. 18
Dr. Cameron Siler, University of Oklahoma, Sam Noble Museum of Natural History, “Limbed to limbless and back again: Integrative studies of evolutionary diversification in an island archipelago system”
(hosted by Tim Colston)
Sept. 25
Dr. Stephen Stray, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, “Why do we keep getting the ‘flu? Trying to understand influenza evolution at the structural and functional level”
(hosted by Dr. Colin Jackson)
Oct. 2
Tim Colston, Ph.D. seminar presentation, “Uncovering the Herpetofauna of Abyssinia: Reptiles and Amphibians in Ethiopia, the Land of People”
Oct. 9
Oct. 16
Dr. Diana Outlaw, Mississippi State University, Department of Biological Sciences, “What are malaria parasites and why are there so many of them?”
(hosted by Dr. Colin Jackson)
Oct. 19, 3:00 pm   (Monday)
Sean Moyer, M.S. student thesis prospectus, “The competitive effects of generalist and specialist plant species on an invasive grass in a restored oak-hickory woodland”
Oct. 21, 2:00 pm  (Wednesday)
John Banusiewicz, M.S. student thesis prospectus, “Historical refuges and postglacial recolonization routes in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, inferred from phylogeography of the spotted wintergreen (Chimaphila maculata)”
Oct. 23
Dr. Michael Jenkins, USDA National Sedimentation Research Laboratory, “Impact of glyphosate resistant corn, glyphosate applications, and tillage on soil nutrient ratios, exoenzyme activities and nutrient acquisition ratios”
(hosted by Dr. Colin Jackson)
Oct. 30
Dr. Penny Shockett, Southeastern Louisiana University, Department of Biological Sciences, “Cell-free mitochondrial DNA and exercise”
(hosted by Dr. Colin Jackson)
Nov. 4      (Wednesday)
Nov. 6
Dr. Keith Reding, Monsanto Company, Biotech Regulatory Policy Lead, “GMOs – What’s all the fuss?”
(hosted by Dr. Colin Jackson)
Nov. 11, 3:00 pm (Wednesday)
Chaz Hyseni, Ph.D student dissertation prospectus, “Nature and Nurture in the Subterranean Termite (Reticulitermes flavipes): Genetic/Epigenetic Associations with Appalachian Habitats” (Wednesday @ 3pm)
Nov. 12, 1:00 pm (Thursday)
Jason Bohenek, Ph.D student dissertation prospectus, “Cue Modality and Ecological Significance in Anuran Larvae and Polyphenic Salamanders”
Nov. 13
Stephanie Burgess, Ph.D student dissertation prospectus, “Application and Refinement of Landscape Genetics Techniques for Conservation”
Nov. 18, 3:00 pm (Wednesday)
Matt Pintar, Ph.D student dissertation prospectus, “Effects of pond age and flooding on development and habitat selection of amphibians and aquatic beetles”
Nov. 20, 2:00 pm
Dr. Nathan Lujan, University of Toronto Scarborough, “Ecology and evolution at the bottom of neotropical rivers: Community ecology, functional morphology and evolutionary diversification of the suckermouth armored catfishes”
(hosted by Dr. Brice Noonan)
Nov. 20, 3:00 pm
Cody Jordan, M.S. student thesis defense, “Adaptive Movements and Thermoregulation in Big-eared Bats”
Nov. 27
No Seminar – Happy Thanksgiving!
Dec. 1, 11:00 am (Tuesday)
Amy Hribar, Ph.D. student dissertation defense, “Birdie see, Birdie do: Zebra finch observational learning in three cognitive domains with discussion of cerebellar involvement”, (Location: 225 Shoemaker)
Dec. 2, 1:00 pm (Wednesday)
Hak Chul Lee, M.S. student thesis prospectus, “TBA”, (Location: 213 Shoemaker)
Dec. 4
Jarrod Sackreiter, Ph.D. student dissertation prospectus, “Zooplankton Assemblage Dynamics based on Site Connectivity within the Lower Mississippi River Batture”

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