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Fall 2019 Seminars

Date Seminar (All seminars are on Fridays in 303 Shoemaker at 2:00pm unless specified)
Aug. 30 no seminar
Sept. 6 Dr. Travis Hagey, Mississippi University for Women, Dept. of Sciences & Mathematics, “Adaptation and Diversity of Lizards with Adhesive Pads” (Hosted by: Dr. Beckie Symula and Dr. Ryan Garrick)
Sept. 13 Dr. Nikki Reinemann, University of Mississippi, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, “Engineering Cytoskeletal Nanocells to Model Life and Disease” (Hosted by: Dr. Josh Bloomekatz)
Sept. 20 Dr. Emily Puckett, University of Memphis, Dept. of Biological Sciences, “Using Population Genomics to Inform Phylogeography and Conservation of American Black Bears” (Hosted by: Dr. Ryan Garrick)
Sept. 27 Dr. Warren Booth, University of Tulsa, Dept. of Biological Sciences, “Leveraging the bed bug as a model to study evolution in an urbanizing world” (Hosted by: Dr. Ryan Garrick)
Oct. 4 Dr. Kristin Sikkink, University of Mississippi, Dept. of Biology; University of Minnesota, Dept. of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, “Breaking G and plastic genes: Insights into the evolution of phenotypic plasticity” (Hosted by: Dr. Susan Balenger)
Oct. 8, Tuesday, 8:00am Renan Bosque, Dissertation Defense, “The evolution of coral snake mimicry” (Hosted by: Dr. Brice Noonan) *303 Shoemaker
Oct. 10, Thursday, 2:30pm Jarrod Sackreiter, Dissertation Defense, “The influence of site connectivity on zooplankton assemblage dynamics within the Lower Mississippi River floodplain” (Hosted by: Dr. Cliff Ochs) *225 Shoemaker
Oct. 11 Dr. Scott Egan, Rice University, Dept. of BioSciences, “Ecological speciation among herbivorous insect populations” (Hosted by: BGSS)
Oct. 18 Dr. Yann Gibert, University of MS Medical Center, Dept. of Cell & Molecular Biology, “Physiological and molecular metabolic consequences of fetal hyperglycemia” (Hosted by: Dr. Josh Bloomekatz)
Oct. 25 Dr. Patrick Kelly, Rhodes College, Dept. of Biology, “Ecological consequences of variable external and internal nutrient loading in agricultural lakes” (Hosted by: Dr. Colin Jackson)
Nov. 1, Friday, 4:00pm Dr. E. William Wischusen, Louisiana State University, Dept. of Biological Sciences, “How to CURE your labs (Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience)” (Hosted by: Dr. Brian Doctor)
Nov. 8 Dr. Marlène Chiarello, University of Mississippi, Dept. of Biology, “Biodiversity of aquatic animal skin microbiome: variability, determinants and significance in the ecosystem” (Hosted by: Drs. Ryan Garrick & Colin Jackson)
Nov. 15 Dr. Jon Spurgeon, University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff, Dept. of Aquaculture and Fisheries, “Assessment of fish community and habitat dynamics at river-wide spatial scales” (Hosted by: Dr. Cliff Ochs)
Nov. 20, Wednesday, 2:00pm Marcella Santos, Dissertation Defense, “Diversification in the Neotropics – evolution and population genetics of the armored catfish Hypancistrus sp. from the Xingu River” (Hosted by: Dr. Brice Noonan) *303 Shoemaker
Nov. 22, Friday, 9:00am Yusuke Wachi, Thesis Defense, “Role of Dunc13 on Ethanol Tolerance Formation” (Hosted by: Dr. Gregg Roman) *225 Shoemaker
Nov. 22 Dr. Sam Brown, Georgia Tech, School of Biological Sciences, “Evolution-proof drugs: conditional treatment strategies for effective and evolutionarily robust infection control” (Hosted by: Dr. Ryan Garrick)
Nov. 29 Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 3, Tuesday, 8:00am Tyler Casada Bacon, Thesis Prospectus, “Microbial Interactions: Quantifying Resistance to Predation” (Hosted by: Dr. Peter Zee) *303 Shoemaker
Dec. 4, Wednesday, 2:00pm Joey Kennedy, Thesis Defense, “Examining the potential role of reproductive interference in the decline of native green treefrogs following Cuban treefrog invasions” (Hosted by: Dr. Chris Leary) *303 Shoemaker
Dec. 5, Thursday, 11:00am Milagros Mulero, Dissertation Prospectus, “Analysis of the Brevundimonas subvibrioides developmental signaling system and its inconsistencies with previous developmental schemes” (Hosted by: Dr. Patrick Curtis) *203 Hume
Dec. 6 no seminar