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Morgan Glidewell – Alumna Spotlight

Registered Nurse, Baptist Memorial Hospital – DeSoto

Hometown: Saltillo, MS
Transfer Student from Itawamba Community College
BS Biological Sciences (2015)
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What are some significant accomplishments or memories from your time at UM?
I was a member the Pride of the South. I also did color guard both years that I marched and loved every minute of it. I lucked out and marched the 2013 & 2014 football seasons, so I saw a lot of really good games. I keep up with the band now through our Pride of the South alumni page on Facebook.

Tell us about the path that your education/career has taken since UM.
I took a 2 year break after graduating, and then obtained my BSN from The W.  I am currently a registered nurse at the Baptist Memorial Hospital-DeSoto in the cardiovascular surgery.

What is the value of your biology major in today’s world?
My liberal arts education has been invaluable. It has not only provided me with a solid foundation of knowledge in my chosen career, but it has also helped to make me into a more well rounded person. All the classes I took that seemed unrelated to biological sciences still helped me to excel in my biology classes and my career. Taking advanced math for my biological sciences degree made taking the math classes required for my nursing degree so much easier. All of my English composition and literature classes made it much easier to write essays, research papers, etc. for my biology classes, nursing classes, and work presentations. I also feel I could pursue a higher degree if I chose to do so because my liberal arts education has laid such a solid foundation of knowledge.