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Dr. Tiffany Bensen

Instructional Associate Professor
Department of Biology
The University of Mississippi


Office: 320 Shoemaker Hall
Telephone: (662) 915-2089



BISC 102 Inquiry Into Life: Human Biology
BISC 103 Inquiry Into Life Laboratory I
BISC 104 Inquiry Into Life: The Environment
BISC 164 Honors Recitation I
BISC 165 Honors Recitation II
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Ph.D. in Ecology University of California, Davis
B.S. in Ecology Idaho State University
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Bensen, TA, RF Smith, KV Subbarao, ST Koike, S Fennimore, and S Shem-Tov. 2009. Mustard and Other Cover Crop Effects Vary on Lettuce Drop Caused by Sclerotinia minor and on Weeds. Plant Disease 93:1019-1027.

Smith, R, L Bettiga, M Cahn, K Baumgartner, L Jackson, T Bensen. 2008. Vineyard floor management affects soil, plant nutrition, and grape yield and quality. California Agriculture 62(4):184-190.

Smith, HA, WE Chaney, and TA Bensen. 2008. The impact of suppressing populations of syrphid fly larvae on aphid infestations in organic lettuce on California’s Central Coast. Journal of Economic Entomology 101(5):1526-1532.

Bensen, TA and SR Temple. 2008. Trap Cropping, Planting Date, and Cowpea Variety as Potential Elements of an Integrated Pest Management Strategy for Lygus hesperus in Blackeyed Cowpea. Crop Protection 27:1343-1353.

Tourte, L, R Smith, L Bettiga, T Bensen, J Smith, and D Salm. 2007. Post-emergence herbicides are cost effective for vineyard floor management on the Central Coast. California Agriculture 62(1):19-23.

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