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Field Studies in Belize

Next offering: December 29 – January 15

BISC 445 Introduction to Coral Reef Ecology (Study Abroad)
4 Semester hours

The University of Mississippi “Winter Intersession Study in Belize” offers a course in coral reef ecology taught by Ole Miss faculty. Students will live in Belize on South Water Caye, a strikingly picturesque island shaded by palm trees on the Belize barrier reef, the second largest expanse of barrier reef in the world. Four hours of undergraduate credit in Biological Sciences are offered. The cost of the program (est: $4,770) includes 4-semester hours of tuition with credit through the University of Mississippi. The course is limited to about 15 students. Applications are invited from anyone enrolled in or eligible to enroll in the University of Mississippi. This means that participants must be in academic and disciplinary good standing at their home institutions at the time of the program. Participants must be at least 17 years old by the time the courses begin, should have a junior standing in college, and must have completed one year of college biology or the equivalent. Non-science majors and other exceptional students may participate with the instructor’s consent.

Students enrolled at any accredited university or college may apply. Applicants must have at least a sophomore standing and earned at least 8 semester hours of general biology credit or the equivalent.

Total Cost: est: $4,770

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