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Biology (B.A.) Requirements

A Major in Biology for the B.A. Degree requires a minimum of 32 semester hours of Biology credit including 24 at the 300 level or above. This requirement includes introductory courses (Bisc 160, 161, 162, 163) (8 hours); biology core courses (Bisc 336, Genetics; Bisc 322, Ecology; and Bisc 330 Physiology (Bisc 438 (microbial physiology) may substitute for Bisc 330) (12 hours); biology electives (12 hours minimum); major field achievement test (Bisc 498, which must be taken as a senior) (0 hours). Seminars and non-major courses do not satisfy the biology requirements. Chem 105, 115, 106, and 116 are required and chemistry is a recommended minor.