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Laboratory Science Requirements

Laboratory Science Requirement: Non-biology majors wishing to satisfy the University’s laboratory science requirements may take Bisc 102-103 (Inquiry into Life: Human Biology) and Bisc 104-105 (Inquiry into Life: The Environment). These liberal arts courses are designed to be relevant to the non-science student. The two courses are not independent; Bisc 102 is a prerequisite for Bisc 104. Students not needing a laboratory may register for the lecture course (Bisc 102 or 104) alone. Students may also satisfy their science requirements by taking the Bisc 160-161, 162-163 sequence that is designed for biology majors, pre-health students, and teacher education students. These courses are also appropriate for students who have not decided on a major but who may later become interested in medicine, teaching or a biology major. Other biology courses above the 100 level may also be used to meet the science requirements, but permission of the instructor to enroll in such courses must be obtained if prerequisites have not been met. Students may not receive credit for both Bisc 102 and Bisc 160 or both Bisc 104 and Bisc 162, or their respective laboratories.