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Sam Haskins – Alumnus Spotlight

Sam Haskins(retired) Human Resources Development Advisor, Fed Ex

BS in Biology (1975)


Why did you choose your major(s)?
I enjoyed biology in high school, thought it may lead to career.

What were some favorite memories from your time at UM?
I really enjoyed watching Rebel sports, especially football, was active in intramural sports and learned a lot about leadership in Air Force ROTC.

Tell us about the path that your education/career has taken since UM.
I recently retired from FedEx Express.  My entire FedEx career of almost 44 years was spent training FedEx employees. One of my early responsibilities was instructing the safe handling and transportation of hazadous materials for which I did draw on what I learned in biology and chemistry.  I managed training units for a few years, but I felt facilitating learning was my real talent. I finished the last 18 years of my career facilitating leadership and team development for professionals up to senior leaders. I learned, developed and facilitated programs to improve leadership and team membership.

What is the value of a biology education in today’s world?
It provided me a well rounded education and an interest in continuing my learning. I am very confident in my ability to learn and help others understand a wide variety of subjects that will help their growth. The BS in biology was helpful to me in many ways: a better understanding of our natural world, disciplined problem solving and thinking skills, and a better knowledge of health related news and issues.