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Seminar Series Spring 2008


Spring 2008 

Unless otherwise noted below, seminars are held on Fridays at 2 p.m. in Room 303 Shoemaker Hall

Jan. 24
Marc Slattery, University of Mississippi, Department of Pharmacognosy
“Hybrid vigor in a tropical Pacific soft coral community”

Feb. 1
James Umbanhowar, University of North Carolina, Department of Biology
“Some resource-based theory of the mycorrhizal symbiosis: Implications for population dynamics and plant competition”

Feb. 8
Nathan Schiff, USDA Forest Service, Center for Bottomland Hardwoods Research
“Sirex noctilio: A new pest of pine in North America”

Feb. 15
Brice Noonan, University of Mississippi, Department of Biology
“Madagascar: A museum of biotic diversity”

Feb. 29
V. Gregory Chinchar, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Department of Microbiology
“Virulence genes and host factors that influence pathogen-mediated amphibian declines”

Mar. 7
Deborah Gochfeld, University of Mississippi, National Center for Natural Products Research
“Diseases of coral reef organisms: Pathogenesis, resistance, and ecological implications”

Mar. 20
Rebecca Lewison, San Diego State University, Department of Biology
“Tackling fisheries bycatch: Innovative approaches to an old problem”

Mar. 28
David Soballe, US Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Laboratory
“Nutrient transport and transformation in the Mississippi River: Some prospects for ecosystem management”

Apr. 4
C. Dana Nelson, USDA Forest Service, Southern Institute of Forest Genetics
“Forest genomics and tree improvement”

Apr. 11
Cancelled – Jerome Goddard, Mississippi Department of Health, Bureau of Environmental Health
“Medical entomology research at the Mississippi Department of Health”

Apr. 18
John Day, Louisiana State University, Coastal Ecology Institute
“Climate change and energy: Mississippi delta restoration as a metaphor for ecology in times of scarcity”

Apr. 25
Nanette Chadwick, Auburn University, Department of Biological Sciences
“Ecological impacts of ectosymbionts on the population dynamics of coral reef cnidarians”

May 2
Michael Booth, Principia College, Department of Biology & Natural Resources
“The role of mycorrhizal networks in mediating plant competition during forest development”

May 9
Tracy Langkilde, Pennsylvania State University, Biology Department
“Aggression, invasion, and the ghost of interactions past”