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Spring 2018 Seminar Series

Spring 2018

Date Seminar (All seminars are in 303 Shoemaker at 2:00pm unless specified)
Jan. 26 No Seminar
Feb. 2 No Seminar
Feb. 9 Dr. Brandon Barton, Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University, Department of Biological Sciences, “Predator-mediated effects of climate change” (Hosted by: Dr. Beckie Symula)
Feb. 12, Monday, 3pm Andrew Snyder, Ph.D. student dissertation defense, “Biodiversity and Evolution in the Guiana Shield, South America” (Hosted by: Dr. Brice Noonan)
Feb. 16 Dr. Anne Yoder, Professor, Duke University, Department of Biology, “Mouse lemurs as an emerging genetic model organism” (Hosted by: Dr. Brice Noonan)
Feb. 23 Dr. Ryan Range, Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University, Department of Biology, “The emerging Wnt signaling network that governs anterior-posterior patterning in the sea urchin embryo” (Hosted by: Dr. Josh Bloomekatz)
Mar. 2 Dr. Michael Ryan, Professor, University of Mississippi Medical Center , Department of Physiology, “High Blood Pressure: An Immune Mediated Disease?” (Hosted by: Dr. Wayne Gray)
Mar. 9 No Seminar
Mar. 16 Spring Break
Mar. 19, Monday, 2pm Joey Kennedy, M.S. student thesis prospectus, “The Cuban Treefrog Crisis: The role of reproductive interference and endocrine stress in the decline of native treefrogs following Cuban treefrog invasions” (Hosted by: Dr. Chris Leary)
Mar. 23 Dr. Herman Dierick, Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine, Departments of Molecular and Human Genetics, and Neuroscience, “Unraveling the mechanisms of aggressive behavior using forward and reverse genetic approaches in Drosophila” (Hosted by: Dr. Gregg Roman)
Mar. 26, Monday, 2pm Brooke Sykes, M.S. student thesis prospectus, “The Effects of Nest Heat Manipulation on Development, Physiology, and Parasitism in the Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis)” (Hosted by: Dr. Susan Balenger)
Mar. 28, Wednesday, 2pm Caleb Dodd, M.S. student thesis defense, “The Effects of Acidic Conditions and Tannins on the Survival, Development, and Behavior of Cope’s Gray Treefrog (Hyla chrysoscelis)” (Hosted by: Dr. Richard Buchholz)
Mar. 30 Good Friday
Apr. 2 , Monday, 2pm Audrey Harrison, Ph.D. student dissertation defense, “Effects of hydrological connectivity on the benthos of a large river (Lower Mississippi River, USA)” (Hosted by: Dr. Cliff Ochs)
Apr. 4, Wednesday, 3pm JP Lawrence, Ph.D. student dissertation defense, “Impacts and Implications of Polytypism on the Evolution of Aposematic Coloration” (Hosted by: Dr. Brice Noonan)
Apr. 6 Dr. Alexander Ophir, Assistant Professor, Cornell University, Department of Psychology, “The cognitive ecology of monogamy: Socio-spatial memory and early life social experience impact mating tactics” (Hosted by: Dr. Lainy Day/Neuroscience)
Apr. 13 Dr. Jason Bond, Professor, Auburn University, Department of Biology, “Phylogenomic-based approaches to deconstructing the spider tree of life” (Hosted by: Dr. Beckie Symula)
Apr. 16, Monday, 2pm Maya Kaup, M.S. student thesis prospectus, “Symbiosis and the Sloth: Exploring a Unique Mammal-Microbiome Relationship” (Hosted by: Dr. Erik Hom)
Apr. 16, Monday, 3pm Dr. Lainy Day, Associate Professor, University of Mississippi, “Building Incredible Athleticism: Adaptations for Acrobatic Displays in Manakins (Aves:Pipridea) or The Sexiest Dancers are Made of the Best Stuff”
Apr. 18, Wednesday, 2pm Reese Worthington, Ph.D. student dissertation defense, “A Review of the Serica (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae) of Mexico, Canada, and the western United States” (Hosted by: Dr. Brice Noonan)
Apr. 20 Dr. Michael McKain, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama, Department of Biological Sciences “Comparative Phylogenomics of Ecologically Dominant Grasses and Their Relatives” (Hosted by: Dr. Lucile McCook)
Apr. 23, Monday, 2pm Ehlana Stell, M.S. student thesis defense, “Leaping behavior in Silver Carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix): Analysis of burst swimming speeds, angle of escape, height, and distance of leaps” (Hosted by: Dr. Glenn Parsons)
Apr. 25, Wednesday, 2pm Jessica Heppard, M.S. student thesis defense, “Impact of human disturbance on the behavior and physiology of the endangered ringed map turtle (Graptemys oculifera)(Hosted by: Dr. Richard Buchholz)
Apr. 27 Dr. Shawn Brown, Associate Professor, University of Memphis, Department of Biological Sciences, “The cold never bothered me anyways: microbial ecology, cross-domain interactions, and dispersal mechanisms of snow-borne microbes” (Hosted by: Dr. Erik Hom)
Apr. 30, Monday, 2pm Bram Stone, Ph.D. student dissertation defense, “The effect of environmental perturbations on the plant phyllosphere microbiome” (Hosted by: Dr. Colin Jackson)
May 2, Wednesday, 2pm Eric Weingarten, Ph.D. student dissertation prospectus, “Microbial Community and Functional Responses to High Salinity: Applications in Climate Change and Astrobiology” (Hosted by: Dr. Colin Jackson)
May 3, Thursday, 9am  Anurag Rijal, Ph.D. student dissertation prospectus, “pilA gene regulation and pilus localization in Caulobacter crescentus(Hosted by: Dr. Patrick Curtis) *Room 225 Shoemaker
May 4 Dr. Rachel Nifong, Research Ecologist Postdoc, National Sedimentation Laboratory, Water Quality & Ecology Research Unit, “Shedding light on measuring ecosystem function: Incorporating diel patterns illuminates the influence of vegetation and hydrologic residence time on whole stream nitrogen and oxygen dynamics” (Hosted by: Dr. Carla Carr)

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