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Spring 2020 Seminars

Date Seminar 
Jan. 24 no seminar
Jan. 31 Dr. Jose Alonso, North Carolina State University, Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, “Translation regulation of hormone responses” (Hosted by: Dr. Yongjian Qiu)
Feb. 7 Dr. Ying Wang, Mississippi State University, Department of Biological Sciences, “Towards the understanding of the simplest yet a sophisticated organism, Potato spindle tuber viroid” (Hosted by: Dr.  Dr. Yongjian Qiu)
Feb. 14 Dr. Volker Rudolf, Rice University, Biosciences Department, “Temporally explicit ecology: The role of seasons and phenological shifts” (Hosted by Dr. William Resetarits and Dr. Peter Zee)
Feb. 21 Dr. Anne Pringle, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Departments of Botany and Bacteriology, “The global trade in trees and invasive ectomycorrhizal fungi: understanding the biology of the death cap mushroom in its new habitats” (Hosted by: Dr. Jason Hoeksema and Dr. Erik Hom)
Feb. 28 Dr. Brigitte Dauwalder, University of Houston, Department of Biology and Biochemistry, “The ideal fly mate: Brains and much more” (Hosted by: Dr. Gregg Roman)
Mar. 6 no seminar
Mar. 13 Spring Break
Mar. 16, Monday, 2pm Brooke Sykes, Thesis Defense, “The Effects of Nest Microclimate Manipulation on Development, Physiology, and Parasitism in the Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis)” (Hosted by: Dr. Susan Balenger)
Mar. 20 no seminar
Mar. 27 no seminar
Apr. 3 no seminar
Apr. 8, Wednesday, 2pm Kevin Potts, Thesis Defense, “Survival and development of larval odonates (anisoptera) and female oviposition site choice in response to a predatory fish” (Hosted by: Dr. William Resetarits)
Apr. 10 Good Friday
Apr. 15, Wednesday, 2pm Sarah McNamara, Thesis Defense, “Habitat selection across a temperature and nutrient gradient by Hyla chrysoscelis and the mosquito, Culex restuans” (Hosted by: Dr. William Resetarits)
Apr. 17 no seminar
Apr. 20, Monday, 2pm Maya Kaup, Thesis Defense, “Elucidating the Sloth Hair Microbiome: A Metagenomic Comparison of Two- and Three-fingered Sloths” (Hosted by: Dr. Erik Hom)
Apr. 22, Wednesday, 2pm Chaz Hyseni, Dissertation Defense, “Evolutionary history of subterranean termites in the geographic and ecological context of the Appalachian Mountains in the United States” (Hosted by: Dr. Ryan Garrick)
Apr. 24, Friday, 2pm Reed Scott, Thesis Defense, “Spacial context and the role of competition in oviposition habitat selection by cope’s grey treefrogs (hyla chrysoscelis) and culex mosquitos” (Hosted by: Dr. William Resetarits)
Apr. 27, Monday, 2pm Dr. Lainy Day, “Diversity at high-speed: Revealing variation to understand the evolution of mating systems ” 
May 5, Tuesday, 2pm Sarah Amonett, Thesis Defense, “Mother knows best: Immune-based transgenerational effects in response to Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection in eastern bluebirds (Sialia sialis)” (Hosted by: Dr. Susan Balenger)

Please contact Ryan Garrick ( and Beckie Symula ( in the Department of Biology to schedule an appointment with a speaker.