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Student Zoom Stations

Students on campus who need a place to Zoom for an hour or two for a remote or hybrid course may use a Student Zoom Station on campus. These spaces are designed for students to bring their computer and sit at a desk/table to Zoom for a course. They are not designed as study stations, but rather as a place to sit for an hour or two to Zoom for a course while on campus. A list of spaces with the number of Zoom stations available is listed below. Students may also use the WiFi in the Grove and other outdoor spaces or in some classrooms/buildings which may not be occupied. Students should remember to follow all safety protocols while Zooming, including wearing a mask and physical distancing.

Tad Smith Coliseum-20 spaces
Yerby Lobby Area – 22 spaces
Lamar 208-8 spaces
Lamar 315-8 spaces
Hume 113-12 spaces
Bondurant E114-5 spaces
Bondurant 116W- 5 spaces