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Summer and Fall Academic Info

Dear faculty, staff and students,

With registration for upcoming academic terms scheduled to start Monday, I want to share several important academic updates with our university community about the current term and future terms.


All Summer terms – including May, First Summer, Second Summer, Full Summer and August – will be delivered remotely through online or alternative methods. Courses available during registration for those terms will be limited to courses that are amenable to online or alternative delivery methods. This change will take effect at the Oxford and all regional campuses.

FALL 2020

Registration options for the Fall 2020 semester have not changed at this time. Any future changes to that plan will depend on how the public health emergency unfolds over the coming months. If we are forced to shift to remote course delivery, some courses could be affected. University leadership will notify you if any change is required for Fall 2020.


Chancellor Boyce approved a pair of recommendations from the Council of Academic Administrators as follows:
Graduate students will be granted the same accommodations as undergraduate students in light of the suspension of in-person instruction in response to the coronavirus pandemic. These changes will give graduate students the option to choose to change a grade of C or better to a Z grade, or to change a C- or D to a P, or Passing, grade. All graduate students should explore whether exercising these options could affect their financial aid awards or future professional opportunities.

A mandatory pass/fail grading system will be applied to all JD and LLM Spring 2020 courses.


Due to the COVID-19 emergency and difficulties for potential applicants in sitting for standardized tests, the Graduate School will allow programs that require a standardized test as part of the application for admission to suspend the requirement for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 admissions. Programs that opt to do so cannot use the standardized test as a requirement for admission or in their admissions decisions during the COVID-19 crisis and they cannot deny anyone admission based on performance on the test. An individual previously denied admission to such programs for the Summer 2020 and/or Fall 2020 terms based on their score on the standardized test can request re-review of their application.

Programs wanting to waive the standardized test requirement must submit a written request with justification to the Graduate School (by email to from the GPC, with approval indicated in the email from the department chair (if applicable) and line dean. The request should mention the application deadline, the test to be waived and the status of applications (such as whether any applicants have already been denied based on test score). The Graduate Dean will decide whether to approve the request and notify the GPC. Programs that are approved to suspend a standardized test requirement must publish information about the change in application procedures on their program website.

I am appreciative of the careful deliberation and quick action taken by the committees on these matters to ensure that we are supporting our students during this difficult time.

Noel E. Wilkin signature

Noel E. Wilkin, Ph.D.
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs