• piper-ap-1
    Teaching assistant Piper Dunn helps BISC 206 (Human A&P I) locate and identify nerves in the upper and lower limbs.
    Alexandra Ware and Tiffany Thomas assemble a large model of the human brain in their Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab.
    Congratulations to the 2016 McRight Graduate Scholars, Eric Weingarten and Victoria Monette
    Students and mentors celebrate successful completion of Biology Bootcamp 2016
    Dr. Parsons is a recognized expert on sharks, skates, and rays of the Gulf of Mexico
    curtis lab picture
    Dr. Curtis’ work on microbial intracellular signaling networks is supported by an NSF CAREER award
    J.P. Lawrence, a Ph.D. candidate with Dr. Noonan, is spending Spring 2016 studying frogs in Australia as part of an Endeavour Research Fellowship
    Students in Dr. Britson's Anatomy & Physiology course study the heart and other aspects of the circulatory system
    The UM Field Station is a 740-acre research and educational facility that is used by a number of Biology faculty & students
    Dr. Erik Hom lab
    Dr. Erik Hom discussing algal cultures with an ARISE@UM high school summer intern as part of a collaboration with the Bigelow Laboratory in Maine.
    Biology professor emeritus Dr. Keiser holds a broad-headed skink while teaching his herpetology course
    Dr. Day's interests are centered on the brain regions involved in spatial and motor learning
    Researching the Mississippi River ecosystem
    Dr. Gary Gaston shows students in his Intro Biology course some of the organisms found on the UM campus
    Gaston, Kiss, Lago
    Dr. Gary Gaston, Dr. John Kiss, and Dr. Paul Lago enjoying the last day of classes for Spring 2016
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    Congratulations to JP Lawrence!!

    Congratulations to JP Lawrence for winning a 2017 University of Mississippi Graduate Achievement Award! Way to go JP!!






    Instructor Position in Biology

    The Department of Biology at The University of Mississippi invites applications for an instructor position. More information is available by clicking here.

    Congratulations to Dr. Erik Hom!


    Dr. Hom received a grant from UM and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to fund the development and integration of Open Educational Resources (OER) in the department's BISC 336 (Genetics) course.  As part of the Z-Degree initiative, a three-year plan to expand adoption of OER in MS, Dr. Hom will create a curriculum based on openly-licensed teaching materials as a means to reduce student textbook costs and improve genetics instruction in our contemporary digital context. BISC 336 (Genetics) is a foundational course required by all majors in Biology as well as those pursuing a career in the health sciences; it is one of the first UM science courses to be funded by this initiative.

    Congratulations to Jessica Heppard for winning 3MT

    Photo by Robert Jordan/Ole Miss Communications

    Photo by Robert Jordan/Ole Miss Communications

    Biology masters student, Jessica Heppard, was the overall winner of The University of Mississippi 3 Minute Thesis Competitionwith her presentation titled "Impact of habitat modification and human disturbance on the basking behavior of the endangered Ringed Map Turtle (Graptemys oculifera)"

    . Her research examines how human activities affect the behavior of an endangered turtle, the Ringed Map Turtle, also known as the Ringed Sawback. Jessica hypothosizes that by impeding optimal basking behavior, humans are contributing to the endangerment of the species. By studying populations in the Pearl River outside Jackson, MS, she hopes to aid in the formation of management strategies for the conservation of the species.

    Jessica will be representing Ole Miss at the Conference for Southern Graduate Schools in Annapolis, MD in March.

    Congratulations to members of Dr. Day's lab

    Mary Harvey and Kaitlyn Duda, two members of Dr. Lainy Day's lab, tied in the $1000 Research Award competition for the Neuroscience minor. Mary's project is titled "The Correlated Evolution of Cerebellar Size and Display Complexity in Pipridae" and Kaitlyn 's project is titled "Immunocytochemistry in Manakins".