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Conservation and Restoration Biology Research

Conservation and Restoration graphic image Biology

Departmental research in the area of conservation and restoration biology ranges from Mississippi old growth forests to the Gulf of Mexico to the tropics. Researchers in this area study ways of restoring ecosystems and conserving and maintaining global biodiversity.

Dr. Stephen Brewer
fire ecology, plant ecology, invasive species

Dr. Richard Buchholz
animal behavior, host-parasite coevolution, conservation biology

Dr. Ryan Garrick
biodiversity conservation, population genetics, phylogeography

Dr. Jason Hoeksema
ecological and evolutionary consequences of species interactions, focusing especially on plants and mycorrhizal fungi

Dr. Brice Noonan
diversity and distributions of tropical organisms

Dr. Michel Ohmer
amphibian ecophysiology, disease ecology, host-pathogen interactions, thermal biology, amphibian ecology and conservation

Dr. Beckie Symula
evolutionary biology, color pattern evolution and phylogenetic of frogs