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Evolution, Biodiversity, and Systematics Research

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From microorganisms to coral reefs to the evolution of traits and behaviors, researchers in the area of evolution, biodiversity, and systematics emphasize different aspects of biological diversity. Some researchers focus on patterns in species diversity while others focus on evolutionary aspects of biodiversity.

Dr. Lainy Day
behavioral neuroscience, neuroplasticity, evolution of cognition and motor-learning

Dr. Ryan Garrick
biodiversity conservation, population genetics, phylogeography

Dr. Tammy Goulet
symbiosis and host-symbiont genotypic combinations, marine ecology, coral reefs, coral-algal physiology

Dr. Jason Hoeksema
ecological and evolutionary consequences of species interactions, focusing especially on plants and mycorrhizal fungi

Dr. Erik Hom
synthetic ecology, fungal-algal interactions, evolution of symbiosis and microbial consortia, waste valorization

Dr. Colin Jackson
microbial ecology and diversity, microbiome studies

Dr. Lucile McCook
plant taxonomy

Dr. Brice Noonan
diversity and distributions of tropical organism

Dr. Beckie Symula
evolutionary biology, color pattern evolution and phylogenetic of frogs

Dr. Peter Zee
evolution of species interactions; experimental evolution with microbes; eco-evolutionary modelling