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Neurobiology, Behavior, and Physiology Research

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Researchers in the area of neurobiology, behavior, and physiology tend to look at organismal processes, whether it is how an organism behaves or how an organism’s physiology changes under different conditions. Research spans the range of biology, from the molecular and cellular basis of behavior to interactions between organisms in an ecological context.

Dr. Richard Buchholz
animal behavior, host-parasite coevolution, conservation biology

Dr. Lainy Day
behavioral neuroscience, neuroplasticity, evolution of cognition and motor-learning

Dr. Tammy Goulet
symbiosis and host-symbiont genotypic combinations, marine ecology, coral reefs, coral-algal physiology

Dr. Mika Jekabsons
mechanisms of apoptosis, cell physiology and mitochondrial physiology

Dr. Brad Jones
cell differentiation, nervous system development, Drosophila genetics

Dr. Christopher Leary
endocrine and neural systems underlying animal communication and behavior

Dr. Michel Ohmer
amphibian ecophysiology, disease ecology, host-pathogen interactions, thermal biology, amphibian ecology and conservation