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Cellular and Molecular Biology Research

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From the molecular basis of plant development and adaptation, to cell physiology and differentiation, researchers in this area emphasize the fine scale examination of biological problems at a cellular and molecular level. They explore the mechanisms behind an organism’s growth, development, and behavior.

Dr. Joshua Bloomekatz
fundamental principles underlying cardiovascular morphogenesis and development

Dr. Sixue Chen
molecular mechanisms of glucosinolate biosynthesis and plant stress resilience using systems biology

Dr. Patrick Curtis
bacterial signaling pathways and prokaryotic development

Dr. Wayne Gray
virology, vaccine development

Dr. Mika Jekabsons
mechanisms of apoptosis, cell physiology and mitochondrial physiology

Dr. Brad Jones
cell differentiation, nervous system development, Drosophila genetics

Dr. Sarah Liljegren
transcriptional networks and cell signaling required for plant development

Dr. Yongjian Qiu
molecular and cellular mechanisms of morphogenetic adaptation to environmental changes in plants